3-D Dental Imaging

Biting down on sticky impression goop & x-ray film is a thing of the past! With new digital scanning systems, we can use a CT (computed tomography) scanner to generate a 3-D image of your teeth & surrounding structures. The process of making a digital scan of your mouth & jaw is much faster & more comfortable for the patient than the traditional process of impressions & x-rays—no more gagging! These digital scans are also more accurate, allowing us to create an incredibly precise treatment plan. With this state-of-the-art technology, we can treat your smile more quickly than ever before.

With modern advances in dental technology, the days when it took many visits just to get a dental crown are long gone. Leading-edge dental equipment now makes 3-D scanning, computer modeling & automated milling available right in the dental office so there’s no more waiting for crowns to come in from a separate dental laboratory. Instead, custom crowns (& other dental restorations) can be crafted immediately using a state-of-the-art milling machine in our own on-site dental laboratory. With the precision of the latest technology, these restorations are as accurate as they ever have been before. Offering these custom-milled crowns is part of our dedication to making dental care as convenient & comfortable as possible for our patients.

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